What is MEC diet?

“MEC diet” is an simple eating style which is trying to complete necessary nutrition in a day as possible by treating “Meet (M)”, “Egg (E)” and “Cheese (C)” as main of the diet and chewing well well bite 30 times.

Inventor of “MEC diet” is Dr. Nobuyuki Watanabe “Kokura clinic ” in Okinawa Pref, JAPAN. Recently, we can see him on some TV programs and he is introduced as “MEAT DOCTOR”.

Essense of MEC diet

Basic amount of MEC per a day is : Meat 200g, 3 Eggs, Cheese 120g.

And you should eat these foods with “Chewing well”. Dr. Watanabe recommends to bite 30 times and a bite size is “a crolets gum”! (A clolets tab is really small, so it may be bit difficult to bite 30 times in the first stage of your MEC life)

“Basic amount” is just basic, so you can arrange amount of your eating. Note that “Basic amount” is a result of Dr. Watanabe’s many experiences and calculating nutrition which human requires in a day. So it is not recommended that reducing eating amount less than “Basic amount”.

If you want to eat other foods (like chocolates, cakes, breads, pastas…), you can eat them after eating “MEC basic amount”.

“MEC diet”

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